Wednesday 8 October 2014

Day 43 and 44- Last feeding day, luggage preparation, fasting day pre-sampling.

Pierre and Emilie going to the cages (credits: Francis Murray).

This was the last day of feeding for our tilapias juveniles.
Emilie and Pierre went on cages while I ordered for the last time the data files and prepared my luggages. Then in the afternoon Emilie checked with supervisors the organization of next coming Monday for the last sampling day of this growth trial.
Then on Sunday, since the fish needed to fasting for Monday handling, Emilie and Pierre went around for visiting the places around the fish farm while I had some rest and check with my family for my return trip.

At home during packaging luggage (credits:Nicole Pelusio).
At Sunday evening, the general manager proposed as to join him for a relaxing dinner in a hotel at Atimpoku. Obviously my last Ghanaian dish was a nice roasted tilapia with banku. After some chatting we came back home getting ready for the last sampling.

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