Thursday 18 September 2014

Day 21- Rest at home and black-out.

 (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Today I was passing my day at home for recharging the forces, putting some order in my data, sending e-mails, have a meeting on Skype with University of Stirling supervisors and sleep for some hours whilst there was a storm outside.

Unfortunately the rain affected the electric circuit in fish-farm and house before sunset, and the technician arrived a couple of our later when it was already dark. What a luck that the samples stored in the freezer didn’t defrost!

Day 20- Sailing adventure with divers off-shore.

Feeders and off-shore cages (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

For my first day off  the divers of farm invited me for spending a day with them off-shore in the site called “the sea”. 
After one hour and a half of sailing we reached a system of huge circular cages where bigger tilapias are reared. 
Me and the divers (credits: Nicole Pelusio).
I have never seen anything so huge in all my life: in that site it was almost impossible to seeing the mountain we left behind, and the waves were as high as in the sea. 
Whilst divers were diving I was observing feeders feeding the cages with floating pellets.
Off-shore cage (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

As we came back home, in the evening I had a nice chatting with the really nice Turkish divers. 
Off-shore system (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Day 19- Wet cold morning and training people for switching turns.

Floating cages on the lake (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

In the morning Eric and supervisor Jemimah joined me on cages for the whole day. The day started quite bad since a rain fell until first hours in the afternoon.
Collected mortalities (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Later I, Jemimah and other supervisor Albert had a meeting on the platform for designing the details of fish sampling of next week.

On canoe reaching the experimental cages (credits: Nicole Pelusio).