Thursday 2 October 2014

Day 32- Second partial sampling.

Thomas, Jemimah and me counting and weighting fish (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

The last partial sampling was taken today.
From each cage we fished casually random representative samples. Then each fish was counted and weighted for gaining body weight average.
After the sampling the subjects were re-put inside their own cage. 

The sampling equipe (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

The team worked perfectly and quickly, and after sampling we spent a while chatting before coming back to working on other duties.

(credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Day 31- Water spectro analyses and fasting day.

Water spectro analyses with Oscar on shore (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

Today our fish were fasting waiting the next following day sampling. While the weather was not so good, I spent the day in lovely company of water technician Oscar for analyzing some left samples for spectrophotometer.

Before coming back home I spent some time in company of some tiger fish on the shore: more voracious than tilapias!

Tiger fish (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Day 30- The imminent storm and local fauna encounters.

Storm coming (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Daily tasks were quietly done in the morning, since when a storm was about to come in the nursery, we hurried up on time and arrived safe on the shore before the wind got strong. 

Canoe abandoning me on the platform (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Obviously my canoe chose the worst time for leaving me on the platform. I was lucky that Felix was around for bringing my canoe back!

Because we finished early, I had the time for taking some pictures to some beautiful creatures living in the forest.
Butterfly in the forest (credits: Nicole Pelusio).
Male lizard near home (credits: Nicole Pelusio). 

Day 29- The art of feeding.

Feeding brood-stocks on cages within Eric (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Since Felix was off, Eric (half Ghanaian and half Nigerian) joined me as feeder.
During the break he invited me to visit the young brood-stock cages.

Eric feeding brood-stocks (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

It was simply awesome!

After feeding the female brood-stock, he tough me how to feed by hand the male brood-stock (much more actives than females in feeding on water surface).

I really enjoyed Eric’s feeding lesson and hear about his tips about how to feed them in such big production cages.

Tilapias is a really fascinating species, both in productive and biological terms.

Feeding lesson with feeder Eric on brood-stocks (credits:Nicole Pelusio). 

Day 28- In the half of growth trial.

Data recording on floating office, while Felix feeding on cages (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Today I and Felix passed through the second part of trial period.
After the daily routine tasks, in the quiet of the lake interrupted sometimes by the splashing silver fish on the surface, we celebrated within the fingerlings feeder Peter with pasta and tomatoes cooked by me for the special day.

Pasta, tomatoes and parmesan for lunch (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

During the lunch break Peter (fingerlings feeder) tough me nice names and curiosities about the animals normally present around the fish farm.
Then the day passed very quietly and smoothly before coming home.

Having some relax within Felix and Peter in lunch break (credits: Nicole Pelusio).