Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 14- Visit on platform and Turkish barbecue.

Visit on platform: (from left to right) Immanuel, Pierre, Felix, Nicole, Emilie (credits: Francis Murray).

Today I and Felix were doing the daily routine whilst Emilie brought within herself some people visiting our platform on board: Mr Francis and phD student Pierre from university of Stirling and the Ghanaian researcher Immanuel. 
Pierre and Mr Francis (credits: Francis Murray).

They came to visit the tilapia farm site and observing our daily routine until the end of the afternoon. Then Mr Francis gave us some advices for improving our data collection and daily tasks for the following period. After a lovely and quite chat together at my accommodation near to the farm our visitors had to leave. In the evening, Turkish neighbors invited me and Emilie for joining them for a lovely a relaxing barbecue in their house chatting together.

Felix feeding on cages (credits: Emilie Devic).

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