Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 13- The start of feeding the diets.

Facing to cages during feeding (credits: Emilie Devic).

  I, the feeder Felix and Emilie started to feed the fish with the 4 diets on demand during several daily feeding sessions. As first method for recording feed-intake we weighed the feed supplies in each cage at each meal. Because of the instability of platform (caused by wind and waves) affecting the scale for weighting feed supplies we need to check a new methodology of recording feed intake with a supervisor from University of Stirling.
Feed supply recording (credits: Emilie Devic).

In the late afternoon the shape of clouds faded away showing only a grey sky: the rain started to fall hardly but fortunately we reached the shore and some repair before coming back home. 

Emilie and Felix checking fish appetite behaviour (credits: Nicole Pelusio). 

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