Sunday, 21 September 2014

DAY 27- Mascotte on board and Ghanaian lunch.

Grass hopper on board of canoe (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

This Saturday was really silent in the fish farm. Except me, Felix and the watchmen on shore, there was no one working on the lake because of games day held in the hatchery site of fish-farm.
monitoring water in cages (credis: Nicole Pelusio).

The wind was very high and almost interrupt our daily tasks, then we had a nice lunch eaten by hands. Felix cooked a delicious banku with smocked tilapia, whilst I rice, tomatoes and sardines.
During feeding, upon my hat I noticed a pair of antennas: I had a colorful visit from a grass hopper that joined me on board for the rest of the day. Suddenly the sky turned to purple and the thunders were coming: the imminent made us hurryi
ng up, but we were quite on time before it started raining. 

food prepared from Felix (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

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