Sunday, 21 September 2014

DAY 26- A visit to young brood-stock and a strange encounter.

Young brood-stock feeding on the surface (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Between one feeding session and another Felix brought me by canoe to young brood-stock cages.
As Felix threw the floating pellet on the cage, the water surface became a fountain: the tilapias were all seeking food on the surface, struggling each other.

 It was amazing seeing the difference in feeding behavior between juveniles and adults.

Broodstock feeding (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

In the afternoon, while I was sitting on the cages for monitoring the water parameters, I was frightened by a huge fish moving slowly towards me and cages…after screaming and calling the people around. 

They told me that it was a silver fish: an innocuous species which likes to come near the cages hoping to receive some pellet wasting during feeding sessions. 
Silver fish (credits:Nicole Pelusio).

Silver fish reflecting light (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

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