Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 16- Change of methods and calibration of water monitoring.

Me and Felix monitoring water parameters and picking up water samples for spectro analysis (credits: Emilie Devic).

For making the methodology more exact and correct, we adopted a new way for recording the daily feed intake. 
Taring a container (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Weighting feed (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Filling up the bucket for daily intake (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

 Per each cage we bought a bucket with lid which can be filled with a certain and known quantity of feed inside, bring it on cage, feed the fish on demand for the whole day. 

Feeding each cage with its own bucket (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Then at the end of the day we weighted the left feed and repeat the process every-day for a good estimation of feed intake.
Drying the bucket at the end of the day (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Weighting the bucket with the rest of uneaten feed (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

For checking if in the water there is any modify in parameters, we measure DO, pH and temperature some exact times during the day with probes. Concerning the water quality parameters such as Alkalinity, Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, Hardness and Potassium etc. We collect water samples (one per each cluster) and store them in a cool place waiting for the arriving of spectrophotometer.

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