Monday, 8 September 2014

Day 9- Arrive to the lake.

The commercial tilapia farm on lake (credits: Emilie Devic).

And the time of moving to the fish-farm finally came: I picked up my things in the guest house and met Mary, the human resources representative in the fish farm, who kindly offered to give me a lift to there.
After the last village on the main highway the car took us to a red sand dirt road chocking in the forest traveled by bike drivers, fish-farm employees and farmers bringing their products to sell them.
Meeting the feeder Felix on floating cages (credits: Emilie Devic).

Once I reached my new stable accommodation I was finally able to unpacking my luggage after one week spent in travelling. In the afternoon I met the supervisors for starting to check what we needed for next days.
 After that the supervisors took me by boat to the floating cages with the tilapia fingerlings inside, meeting the feeders, and then the team of net sewing, processing and feed storage.

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