Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 5- A tricky journey, maggot farm and New Caledonian pasta.

Street in Ashaiman (credits: Nicole Pelusio). 

We woke up in the very early morning for getting a tro-tro to Ashaiman where Emilie had to spend the day to training the Ghanaian researchers and collect some data. We didn’t expected that the trip would take few hours to reach Ashaiman!
 After Kpong village, one wheel flatted, thus the driver and his mate (the young guy who collects money from tro-tro passengers) tried to solve the damage. As they realized that fixing the wheel would take more time than one hour, they helped us to get another tro-tro for getting to our destination. We were so lucky that the second tro-tro was about to break down its motor, but not before our roundabout Ashaiman bus-stop!
Collecting and recording data (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

Finally we arrived to maggot farm in the late where Emilie followed within the staff the researchers whilst I join them before setting-up an inventory of the green houses.
Whilst Emilie was renewing the adults stocks with pupae, I had the luck to see a Black Soldier Fly coming out from the pupae shell and to record it with my camera (video credits: Nicole Pelusio).

After passing a tiring but pleasant day in maggot farm we came back to guesthouse in Akrade, where Emilie cooked a dish of spaghetti with tomatoes sauce: very good one for being cooked from a non-Italian person! ;)
 (credits: Nicole Pelusio).

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